About Me

I am fueled by my passion for empowering people to meet their goals through learning.  This philosophy has enabled me to impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of people with transformative skills, certifications, and the creation of lasting legacies for their families. 

My journey spans 25 years across entrepreneurship, IT, and executive leadership.  With a strategic mindset, heightened emotional intelligence, and a comprehensive technical skill set, I possess a unique vantage point, often spotting opportunities that others overlook.

Setting me apart from competitors is my hands-on experience as a professional content creator and executive for over 15 years.  I’ve taught in different mediums from traditional classrooms to cutting-edge online platforms, consistently delivering top-rated, immersive, and impactful content.  I’ve also coached countless content creators enabling them with the skills to do the same.    

As a Learning Executive for Edtech giants Pluralsight, A Cloud Guru & Corporate Finance Institute, my career has been defined by a n unwavering commitment to innovation and excellence.

Notable Achievements

  • Spearheaded initiatives that slashed content creation costs by millions through streamlined workflows. 
  • Created systems that optimized content operations, driving team productivity and efficiency.
  • Traveled the world teaching, building and scaling learning content development teams.
  • Provided strategic leadership through 2 mergers & acquisitions (M&A)
  • Orchestrated growth of the world’s largest cloud content creation engine: 500+ courses and 1500+ labs
  • Established and led a globally remote team of approximately 100 high performing individuals
  • Maintained an exceptional 95+% satisfaction rating across our extensive content portfolio
  • Mentored hundreds of content creators in crafting compelling and effective educational content
  • Featured speaker at conferences and industry events.

Your business and your course are reflections of your personal brand and vision. You deserve to be coached by a seasoned industry expert renowned for crafting top-tier, captivating content. With my extensive expertise and track record of success, I am uniquely positioned to empower you in creating content that resonates deeply and leaves a lasting impact.

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